In Gym Personal Training:

Challenge your BODY & MIND to a healthier life with Hybrid Fitness-OC. Our trainers will work with you to identify your fitness goals. We assess your movement, and design a program specifically targeted to make improvements and optimize your strengths, enabling you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Hours Of Operation

Mon-Thurs 5am-8am
Mon-Thurs 3:30-8:30pm
Friday 5am-9am
Saturday 7am-9am

Training Programs:

$15 Consultation (goes torwards training programs)

2-3x week $375
4-5x week $425
Unlimited training $475 

Paid In Full:

3- Months (paid in full) Unlimited Training $1,215 10% discount
6- Months (paid in full) Unlimited Training $2,295 15% discount
9- Months (paid in full) Unlimited Training $3,240 20% discount


All training programs include:

Towel Service/Showers
Nutritional guidance/Meal plan
Monthly body stats weigh-ins, measurements
Extra Cardio, abs, and workouts for days your not in
Intense training..Fun workouts..Amazing RESULTS


*Contact us for more Details/Questions*

Online Training Programs:

Meal Plan $99

A diet is something that comes on a sheet of paper that you will eventually quit. My Custom Meal Plan is a way to eat, what to eat and why you eat it. Finally a program that will change your life on how you see food. To say you are going on a diet for 5 weeks is that same as saying im going to quit in 4 weeks. Together I can teach you not only how to lose the weight but KEEP it off for years to come! Don't set a time limit on yourself. Take the time and let me help you.

All out Training: $275

I have created the program 'All Out Training' with one goal in mind. All Out best shape of your Life. Not only when you look in the mirror but mental and spiritually as well! I am here to tell and SHOW you that you too can lose that weight, get in shape and get more confident, active and HEALTHY! It has everything you need to reach your goals! I will be with you every step of the way to answer all questions and make the weekly adjustments to ensure you have an awesome experience! This Program includes Any and Everything you'll need to reach your goals!

Ab definer: $49

This 4 week Program will have you sore to the core! This program will not only make you have stronger abs but will also help strengthen your lower back and hip flexers causing less everyday pain. To often people forget to work the core when the workout should start with the core. A strong foundation leads to a stronger finished product!

Booty builder: $49

Everyone wants better glutes! So makes makes this different then anyone else's program? I have been using these same techniques for years now on my personal training clients and I'm confident that I can build a custom program around anybody type to make sure you see the results and make adjustments your body needs to have to reach that firmer, bigger booty you have been dying to get. 

Cardio shredder: $39

No more basic boring cardio! No matter your cardio endurance, I will gather all you information and build out a program that you can follow and not only see results but feel them as well! So many of Client's blood pressure drops 10 points just after the first 10 days. With a custom routine we also will work around any injuries you might have and work on healing those while we burn fat!

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