Emily Murr look at how far she's come! She's lost over 14lbs & she's now at 13% body fat. Our goal is to start building some size on this beauty & make the sexy curves stand out even more, stay tuned for her next transformation.


I've never been particularly over weight or out of shape but I wanted to achieve a more toned physique. I knew little about fitness and meal planning and knew I would need some serious help.  I've been working with Steve for the last six months and he is to thank for what has been a complete transformation.  The workouts that he tailors to my needs are always challenging and changing & the results that I see week after week have helped me to maintain a healthier lifestyle even while I'm not at the gym.  The result is more energy, lower body fat & more defined everything!
The gym itself is clean and well maintained & everybody has been incredibly approachable & friendly.


I signed up with Team Hybrid Fitness on January 7, 2015 to jump start my New Years resolution of losing weight, gaining muscle and an overall physical workout. I have to say this was the best investment I have made. I love my trainer's (Steve & Stephanie) and because of their tough workouts I have seen a vast improvement with my physique. I have always struggled with my weight, and most of the time I hate working out, but the results are well worth the dedication, determination and devotion. "Never Give Up" is the motto which I chime to myself daily just in order to keep on going and to never give up!

Matt.JPG                                                         Hybrid Fitness-oc is great. Steph is a great Personal Trainer / Weight Loss Specialist, she knows what she's doing. nice and easy to work with but also tough at the same time. they set the work out to your specific needs and wants. awesome job!!!     


Steve Olivas, my trainer is excellent. Having trained with HFOC for only five months, I was able to drop 50 pounds. Knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to accommodate to your schedule, everyone at HFOC will do everything they can to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.


Manny's 31lbs down 5 inches off his waist, and dropped 15% body fat. He's been killing it 5 days a week and staying dedicated. We couldn't be more proud of him. He isn't taking any supplements, it's his pure hard work and clean eating!