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Steve Olivas

Commit to be Fit

My name is Steve Olivas and I am one of the co-founders of Hybrid Fitness-OC. I understand everyone’s fitness and health goals are different. Our goal is to teach, train, and motivate you to reach your fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle. 

I decided to become a personal trainer having spent years being that person who wanted desperately to lose weight and feel good about myself. I’ve been on every diet under the sun, weight programs and even read Arnold Schwarzenegger encyclopedia of working out and my weight fluctuated. So I started researching how to eat right, what to eat etc. Now having emerged on the other side and achieved my goals. I am ready to take all the skills and experiences Ive gained in my life and use them to make an impact on others. I see the obstacles people face when it comes to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I want to show people that you can overcome obesity and other chronic diseases to live a healthy and active life you want.

Today, I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and N.E.S.T.A National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. As a fitness professional, my focus is training CEO & Elite business professionals, athletes, and people of all ages to reach the best fitness level possible. I will show you that staying fit, being active, eating better, and becoming the strongest version of yourself is attainable. I don’t believe in quick fixes, I believe in long-lasting results.


Stephanie Olivas

Strength in Body & Mind

Hi my name is Stephanie Olivas and I am one of the Co-founders of Hybrid Fitness-OC. Growing up in rural Southern Oregon, I didn’t have much as a kid. I was home schooled most my childhood. By the age of 15, I had four jobs and started in public high school. I was on my own.

I was always athletic, getting involved in playing soccer, running track and surfing. Being active ended up taking a toll on my body. I ate clean. Most meats my father hunted and vegetables my mother grew. Soon after graduation, I made my way to Southern California. I maintained eating the same, mostly vegetables and meats, but I didn’t realize the importance of carbs. I was extremely underweight and physically unhealthy, without knowing it.

I continued to surf and run 8-10 miles a day while I managed a small private personal training studio. I also worked at an all-organic restaurant. I was running myself down.

About three years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and Fibromyalgia. The doctor told me I needed to regain control of my health. I needed to eat more, gain weight, and take a handful of medication, which ultimately only made me feel worse. This is when I got into bodybuilding. Now, I no longer take medication and I feel better because of my diligence in becoming healthier. I have control over my symptoms due to Fibromyalgia and I have been able to keep Crohn’s in remission. I never imagined I could improve my quality of life so much


Why Hybrid Fitness-OC

is the BEST at what we do

• Variety: Metabolic Strength Training, Functional Movement Training, Yoga, Crossfit, Boxing, Kickboxing, Triathlon Training, Foundation Training...these are just a few of the services we offer. If there's something you want to do to live fit, we can show you how.

• Results: We evaluate your progress in a measurable and quantifiable way. If you want to lose weight, lose body-fat or gain strength, we can track you every step of the way.

• Accountability: Our services don’t start and stop at the front door. We can, and will,  offer expert advice on diet and healthy lifestyle choices to make sure what you do outside HF-OC supports what we do inside


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